°References – Exhibitions


The Way I Paint – Part I. – video

The Way I Paint – Part II. – video

The Way I Paint – Part III. – video



Nyíregyháza, Hungary, Library, 2019. November

Odivelas, Portugal, VII. Bienal de Culturas Lusófonas, 2019. May

Nyíregyháza, Hungary, Library, 2018. April

Nyíregyháza, Hungary, Library, 2017. June

Lajosmizse, Hungary, Cultural Center, 2017. February 

Budapest, Hungary, Living Gallery, 2017. January 

Nagyhalász, Hungary, Cultural Center, 2016. November

Lisbon, Portugal – Paratissima, Parafashion, 2016. July

Nagyhalász, Hungary, Cultural Center, 2016. March

Nyíregyháza, Hungary, Library, 2015. March

Lajosmizse,  Hungary, Cultural Center, 2013. April 

Nagyhalász, Hungary,  Kállai Kúria, 2011. November

Nyíregyháza, Hungary, Gála Galery, 2011. October

Nyíregyháza, Hungary, “Alvégesi” Cultural Center, 2010. February

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