°References – Exhibitions


The Way I Paint – Part I. – video

The Way I Paint – Part II. – video

The Way I Paint – Part III. – video



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Nyíregyháza, Hungary, Library, 2022. September

Nyíregyháza, Hungary, Library, 2019. November

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Nyíregyháza, Hungary, Library, 2017. June

Lajosmizse, Hungary, Cultural Center, 2017. February 

Budapest, Hungary, Living Gallery, 2017. January 

Nagyhalász, Hungary, Cultural Center, 2016. November

Lisbon, Portugal – Paratissima, Parafashion, 2016. July

Nagyhalász, Hungary, Cultural Center, 2016. March

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Nyíregyháza, Hungary, „Alvégesi” Cultural Center, 2010. February

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